Busy.. busy.. busy..

2010-11-23 19:24:08 by td6d

Alright, I've been following my new study for a few months now and I love it. The one thing thats a little minus on the whole thing is that its so friggin' much work! I've been doing this for.. three months or so and I have been learning:

- History of all western music
- Basics of music
- Basics of electronics
- Piano lessons
- Programming: Processing
- Programming: Max/MSP
- Composing
- Basics of music technology
- Building websites and promoting
- Singing
- Writing music down with all the rules (and there are many)
- Mixing, mastering
- Working with Logic
- Basics of aditive synthesis
- Algebra (logarithms, yay ¬ ¬)

And probably some other, minor things. Its a lot, and to be honest, it feels a bit as an overkill at the moment. I don't have time to do anything about my own projects and after being at the academy for 8 hours a day, coming home, cooking, and then spending some more hours on homework, just to do the exact same thing the day after, and so on..

..lets just say I'm looking forward to the christmas hollidays!
I always enjoy reading feedback and comments on tracks I did upload (mostly old projects, quickly finished or some experiments) so don't hesitate to tell me what you think of them.

Thanks for reading!


Whooh! New school!

2010-04-20 10:03:57 by td6d

Fuck yeah!
I just got a message from a school I tried to enter for the second time that I'm admitted to the education! This is a big deal since the chances you're admitted are 1 to 10 and I had to go through several admittance rounds. I'm gonna be a Sound Designer, yay!

/happy story

(excuse my crappy english)

Busy with school!

2008-11-12 19:52:01 by td6d

So I started an audio visual school this year and I kinda like it, but its to much visual and less audio so Im going to visit a composition school within a few weeks.
I hope it works out and I finally get to that, Ill let you know when I do.

Be sure to check out my latest songs, Ive been working hard on them! :D


2008-05-08 06:34:44 by td6d

Xylofobia is my newest song at the moment!
Please vote and comment!! :D